The Cognolog system needs to identify you but sometimes it isn't straightforward to get your computer to 'remember' your ID or you may want to access Cognologs from more than one computer.

You use one computer and it's yours

Easy! Make sure it accepts cookies from All that's saved is an ID - there's no other funny business
Bookmark the main cognolog page and always use the bookmark to get to it

You want to access Cognologs from more than one computer

Easy! Send yourself an email with the main Cognolog page reference. Most browsers will give you the opportunity to Send link which does the dirty work for you. If you copy the URL from the address bar then be sure to include the ?ID=... bit as that's what really matters

You share a public computer

You won't be able to keep bookmarks or cookies so send yourself an email as above then jump to your in-box whenever you need it. You can use this technique for all your frequently visited sites - Start by putting a bunch in one email then forward it to yourself when making additions.